Biotechnology and Biochemistry

Biotechnology is a branch of science that makes use of the living organisms and systems to make new products that would uplift the living style of human beings. It usually includes the production of artificial products with high quality by cloning, hybridization and cloning. Biochemistry is the branch of science that deals with the study of chemical processes within and relating to living organisms.

  • Track 13-1 Bioengineering
  • Track 13-2 Biomedical Engineering
  • Track 13-3 Biomanufacturing
  • Track 13-4 Biomanufacturing
  • Track 13-5 Molecular Engineering
  • Track 13-6Genomics
  • Track 13-7Recombinant Gene Techniques
  • Track 13-8Applied Immunology
  • Track 13-9 Development of Pharmaceutical Therapies
  • Track 13-10 Diagnostic Tests
  • Track 13-11Bioprocess Engineering
  • Track 13-12Bioprocess Engineering
  • Track 13-13Bioprocess Engineering
  • Track 13-14Biorobotics
  • Track 13-15Chemical Engineering

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